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As a veteran in the radio industry I've formulated many relationships and partnerships which prove to be beneficial for upcoming artists and businesses. 

PR Services

Major Blog Placements

Get placements is major blogs such as The Source, Thisis50, Hip Hop Since 1987, Tha Culture Report etc..

Music Video Placements

Get your video placed on major video networks such as BET Jams, Revolt, Apple/Tidal etc. 

Major Label Consultations

I have relationships with some of the biggest A&R's in the game! Contact me today to set up a consultation. 

Artist Consultation

Get an in depth review of Artist Image, Social Media Presence, Music Consultation, Brand Review etc.

Why is PR Important?

It's important to utilize PR services to increase artist and brand visibility. With the many services that are available, I'd strongly recommend booking a consultation to get a customized campaign to fit your needs and budget.

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